WOD: 10-25-12

I have so many of these…

 WOD:  For time:

31 Burpees
31 Hang Power Clean (145/95)
31 Toes to Bar
31 Thrusters (95/65)
31 Box Jumps (30/20)


“Damn…look at that workout!  That’s a pretty tough workout.  So tough in fact that I am going to have to ignore the pain in my shoulders/backs/legs/knees/body parts just so that I can do it.  If this sounds like you, please keep reading.  If this doesn’t sound like you, I don’t appreciate the lies.

You’ve noticed that the programming has included a lot of moves that rhyme with “shmjerk” and “shmsnatch”.  You have also noticed how taxing these moves can be on the body.  If your body has not been able to properly handle the additional workouts with regards to going overhead we kindly ask you to appropriately scale the workouts to ensure that you can maximize your capacity without injury or pushing through an injury.  As responsible as we are for what happens to you here, the decision to put your body through this is still your own.  Please train your body awareness to know when you should push through something and when you need to take it down a notch.  I have two more talking points with regards to this matter, but these blogs don’t write themselves so the rest of the material will see you guys tomorrowt!  Rest easy knowing that I’m watching over you.




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